Maritime Logistics

Maritime Logistics

The ILS GmbH possesses large knowledge in maritime logistics. Our focus lies in the deployment of ships and fleets at optimal activity and cost as well as the creation of connected ratings in pre- and on-carriage of sea transport chains.

sea transport logistics

-  fleet and ship optimization 
-  controlling of tonnage and slot productivity
-  transport planning and transport control, 
-  price models for customers (BAF, CAF, THC)
-  port operation and ship clearance, 
-  bottleneck planning and planning the handling of cargo

port and terminal logistics

-  port planning
-  cargo and handling prognoses
-  terminal planning and optimization
-  in-plant transport

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Hinterland and transport logistics

-  transport planning and transport controlling, 
-  the development combined transport concepts
-  hinterland optimization
-  development of business and carrier models

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